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Street Sign USA's FAQ

 customer support - frequently asked questions



About Us

Q:  Who is Street Sign USA?

A:  Street Sign USA is a dealer of quality street, traffic, safety signage & accessories.  We have more than 20 years of knowledge & experience in the wholesale distribution end of the sign industry.

 Ordering Info

Q:  Can anyone purchase your signs & accessories?

A:  They sure can!  Our signs have been specifically designed for actual use on streets & roads, in parking lots and playgrounds, but you can also purchase them to collect, use as a novelty, hang them as a decoration indoors or out, and even purchase them as a unique gift idea!

Q:  How do I order from Street Sign USA?

A:  It's simple, just enter the quantity of any particular sign(s) and/or accessories that you require then follow the online steps thru the check out and payment process.

Q:  How do I create an online account?

A:  It's simple.  Once you have found the item you need to purchase, click on the buy now button.  That will bring you to our shopping cart page.  Review your order, then click on the checkout button at the bottom of the shopping cart page.  You will then will be prompted to provide your email address, password, telephone number, & billing address information along with any ship to address information.  That's it, your account is now entered with us.  You can always cancel the purchase and come back later if you just wanted to set up a new account.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and Paypal thru our secure online payment process.

Q:  My credit card keeps getting denied or I get an error when I try to pay, what is going wrong?

A:  At Street Sign USA, our primary concern is to protect you, the buyer from internet fraud.  Our system is set up to match the billing address you enter under your account with us to the actual billing address to where your credit card statement is sent to every month.

Please check the billing account information you entered carefully for errors.  Make sure you've entered your first & last name on the same line, street address, state & zip code properly.  If you are still encountering errors, please contact us via email or phone.

Q:  Do you charge sales tax?

A: Only orders shipped to New Jersey are charged a 7% sales tax.  Sales tax is not charged when shipping to other states.  Exemptions can apply if you supply us with a tax exempt certificate or if you are a government or non-profit entity.

 Shipping Info

Q:  Who do you use to ship your products?

A:  We use UPS as our primary shipping company.  Tracking numbers are also provided once your order has been staged or physically shipped.

Your order will be shipped to the shipping address that you entered under your account information.  We are not responsible for orders that are shipped to the wrong address.

Q:  Where do I go to see the shipping costs?

A:  We now offer new low flat rates on any shipment to any address in the continental United States!  Click here to review the rate chart.

A2:  To find out the shipping costs of your order you must first select the items and quantities of each product.  From the shopping cart page click on the checkout button and fill in the billing and shipping information then click to continue.  Shipping costs will then be displayed for UPS Ground, 2nd Day, & Next Day Air.  You can access the shopping cart thru any buy now button or by clicking on the shopping cart icon located in the upper right most corner of each page.

Q:  Does Street Sign USA offer shipping discounts on multiple quantities?

A:  Yes.  We've setup every item with an approximate shipping weight.  The weight of each item is outlined in the specification section of our listings.  As you purchase a variety of items, the UPS weight calculator automatically adds and combines the weights.  This way, when you check out, you receive the best possible discount on shipping.  We do not overcharge on shipping and make all attempts to pass the savings on to you!

Q:  How long does it take until I receive my order?

A:  Street Sign USA normally ships your item(s) within the specified processing time that's described in each listing, or less, after receipt and payment of your order.  This does not include weekends or holidays.  The processing time is in addition to the typical ship time it normally takes to reach you.  If purchasing several items with varying processing times, the item with the longest processing time will apply for the entire order.  Your item(s) will ship UPS ground unless the request is made by you to ship 2nd Day or Next Day Air.  Please note that UPS only ships 2nd Day and Next Day Air to Alaska & Hawaii residents.

Occasionally, some items are back ordered from their respective manufacturer and the processing time that we normally keep may not be met.  Street Sign USA will make every attempt to contact you in the event that an item has been back ordered.

 Price Breaks

Q:  Does Street Sign USA offer price discounts if I order multiple quantities?

A:  Yes we do.  Please review our product listings for applicable discounts. 

 General questions about our products

Q:  What does MUTCD stand for?


A:  MUTCD stands for Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  This manual sets the standards in which most signs must conform to in a uniform manner such as minimum size, shape, thickness, color, reflectivity, text, and symbol.  The manual is published by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration.

Q:  Why are only some of the signs that you sell have a D.O.T. symbol in the listing and others don't? 

A:  We only place that symbol in listings for signs that are either illustrated (listed) or described (written in detail) within the MUTCD.  Virtually all of the signs we sell meet most of the standards set fourth in the MUTCD.  As long as the standard, support, guidance, and size requirements are followed, it will comply to the MUTCD standards.

Please note that only the Reflective Aluminum (RA), High Intensity Aluminum (HIA), and Diamond Grade (DG) series signs that we offer meet the MUTCD requirements.  The baked enamel (BE) series are designed where MUTCD standards need not apply, i.e. private roads and property, businesses, indoor use, etc.  Eventually, all (BE) series signs will be phased out to conform to the newer MUTCD standards.

Street Sign USA places strong emphasis on educating our customers and invites you to review any and all of the MUTCD chapters that are available on signage and other traffic control devices.  Below are the links to each chapter that can be found on our website.

Chapter 2B – Regulatory Signs    Chapter 2C – Warning SignsChapter 2D – Guide Signs – Conventional RoadsChapter 3 – MarkingsChapter 6F – Temporary Traffic Control Zone DevicesChapter 7 – Traffic Controls for School AreasChapter 8 – Traffic Controls for Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsChapter 9 – Traffic Controls for Bicycle FacilitiesChapter 10 – Traffic Controls for Highway-Light Rail Transit Grade CrossingsYou are more than welcome to visit the U.S. Department Of Transportation's website to review the full version of the MUTCD, 2003 Edition with Revision No. 1 & 2 Incorporated, dated December 2007 by simply clicking here.2008 Amendments to the MUTCD New amendments to the MUTCD have been passed by the Federal Highway Administration on January 2nd, 2008 and will become effective on January 22nd, 2008.  While most of us in the industry are sifting thru the documentation for a full understanding of the changes that will take effect, Street Sign USA can provide you with the following information.Regulatory & Warning Signs
  • Changes to the MUTCD will include the addition & discontinuation of some standard regulatory and warning signs.  We will make those changes accordingly on our site as we discuss the matter with our vendors.
Increase In Retroreflectivity
  • Regulatory, namely red on white signs; Warning, namely black on yellow signs, and Guide, name white on green signs are required to upgrade reflectivity.  This means that Engineer Grade (RA) reflective film will no longer be compliant to the MUTCD standards.  The film will be replaced with High-Intensity Prismatic (HIA) or Diamond Grade Prismatic (DG) sheeting.
Parking & Traffic Control Signs
  • Standard parking & traffic control signs, namely black on white will remain the same meaning that no increase in retroreflectivity is required.  This is due mainly in part that these types of signs are found in parking lots and not on main roads or highways.  The standard Engineer Grade (RA) reflective sheeting will suffice.  3M has announced that an upgrade to the Engineer Grade (RA) reflective sheeting will be made.  The new product, to be known as Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP) reflective sheeting will soon replace the existing line.  The advanced prismatic technology of EGP offers superior performance.  It has greater reflective angularity and a brighter finish for better daytime visibility.
Replacement of Signage:
  • The FWHA updated maintenance methods will help promote safety and mobility on the nation's streets and highways.  In doing so, it is required that existing signs be updated to the new reflectivity standards.  They are as follows:
  • Replacement of regulatory, warning, and ground mounted guide signs (except street name signs) within 7 years of the effective date.
  • Replacement of street name signs and overhead guide within 10 years of the effective date.
  • Implementation and continued use of an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain traffic sign retroreflectivity at or above the established minimum levels within four years of the effective date.
Street Sign USA will update our product selection to conform to the new standards.  We will update each product as they become available thru the manufacturers.

For more information on the changes that have taken place, please review the following links:

Jan 2 2008 Amendments to the MUTCD

MUTCD rev 2, Dec 21 2007








Q:  How long do your street signs last?

A:  The average exterior lifespan is 7 to 10 years outdoors depending on the reflectivity level that is available for the sign.  Please refer to our reflective color chart for more information.  The life of the street sign can last shorter or longer than the average depending on exposure conditions, climate, and region.  Lifespan estimates are driven mainly on the signs level of retroreflectivity.  Most signs live well beyond 7 to 10 years but the reflectivity levels may begin to diminish within that period of time.






Q:  I want to make sure that the sign I purchase can be seen well at night, any suggestions?

A:  Our street signs are coated with a reflective sheeting and offer superior night time visibility.  They're a perfect choice for dark areas of your private or business property, dimly lit parking lots, & places where there is not enough sufficient street or building lighting.


Q:  Are all your street signs reflective?

A:  For the most part yes, they are all reflective.  This includes all construction, disabled/handicap, general warning, guide signs, parking, pool & playground, regulatory, roadway warning, route markers, safety & courtesy, school, traffic control, weapons, & surveillance signs.  There are some street signs listed on our website that can be ordered in a baked enamel painted finish.  Those product specifications will be clearly listed on that item's detail page and some may have the option to upgrade to reflective backgrounds.

Q:  What reflective material is used for the street signs you sell?

A:  Currently 3M brand 3200 Series Engineer Grade reflective sheeting is used.  We are in the process of updating our site to include higher retro-reflective sheeting.  Changes in the MUTCD (please see above section on MUTCD) will require all manufacturers to upgrade many regulatory and warning signs to High Intensity (HIA) and/or Diamond Grade (DG) reflective sheeting.  You can now review our reflective color chart to see the available reflective sheeting for the signs you wish to purchase.


Q:  Is it legal to use these signs outside of my business or private property?

A:  Absolutely.  Depending on your situation, it is always wise to check with your local code official to find out the do's & dont's in order to meet your particular needs.

Q:  These are great signs, but how do I mount them?

A:  We suggest you check out our hardware category.  There you will find items designed specifically to mount signage.

Q:  Are the braille signs you sell ADA compliant?

A:  Yes they are.  All braille signs have pictograms and 1/32" raised braille lettering to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

Q:  Are the pictures and colors of your signs accurate?

A:  The pictures and colors have been designed to provide you with the best possible representation of the actual finished sign. Because all computer screens are set at different resolutions, white points, gamma, and other variables, we can not guarantee that the representation of color is accurate to that of the finished product.

We have chosen to illustrate most of our signs in RGB (Red - Green - Blue) color to give you the best daytime representation of the sign via a computer screen.  To compare, the MUTCD color specs are available by clicking here.  The MUTCD utilizes PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors.  PMS works off of CMYK coloring (Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black) as this is primarily used in the screen printing industry. 

The scale, radius, text, symbol, border, layout, and hole placement of our illustrations may not be exact to the actual finished signs.  Once again, it is the best possilbe representation that we can offer.  However, signs that are listed on our site which have been noted to conform to MUTCD standards will indeed conform to MUTCD standards.

For complete detailed specifications of signs that conform to the MUTCD requirements, we suggest you refer to the Standard Highway Signs Book, 2004 Edition.  Here you will find the most accurate guidelines for size, alphabets, colors, borders, symbols, and layouts to signs that meet the MUTCD's requirements.

Our pictures have been designed exclusively by Street Sign USA for Street Sign USA.  Months of design and editing work have been spent to develop them.  They are copyrighted and therefore can not be copied, distributed, or used for any other purpose and/or gain without the express written consent of Street Sign USA.  Violators will be subject to severe Federal copyright infringement penalties.  All other illustrations or photos that do not belong to Street Sign USA belong to their respective owners in which permission has been granted for their use on our site.

Q:  What's the difference between a flat aluminum and an extruded aluminum street name sign?

A:  The flat or "flat blade" street name sign is a perfectly flat .080 gauge aluminum blank.  Manufactured with 3/4" radius corners, flat blade street name signs are offered in either a mil finish, baked enamel green painted finish, or laminated with an engineering grade green reflective sheeting.  They are considered to be the standard in street name signs. 

The extruded aluminum street name sign is corrugated on both the top & bottom edges of the blank.  This enables the sign to withstand much greater wind loads such as ones found in violent storms or hurricanes.  Less bending will occur and help prevent the sign from being damaged.  Manufactured in .080 gauge aluminum with square corners, extruded aluminum street name signs are offered in either a mil finish, baked enamel green painted finish, or laminated with an engineering grade green reflective sheeting as well. 

Both the flat and extruded aluminum street name signs are approved to meet most DOT specifications for actual roadway use.

Q:  What's the difference between 1.12lb. per foot and 2lb. per foot on your U Channel Sign Posts?

A:  It's a measurement of strength, weight, and gauge.  1.12 pound per foot u channel sign posts are considered light duty in performance, yet economical in price.  Also known as a delineator post, 1.12lb. per foot posts are not as strong, lighter in weight, and thinner in gauge than the heavy duty 2lb. per foot posts.

1.12lb. per foot u channel sign posts weigh 1.12lbs. per foot.  A 6 foot post's total weight is 6.72lbs. (6 x 1.12 = 6.72lbs.)

By comparison a 6 foot 2lb. per foot u channel sign post weighs a total of 12lbs.

Q:  What's the most commonly used sign post for mounting signs?

A:  The 8 foot heavy duty U-channel post is the most widely used post that there is.  The posts are tapered on one end for easy ground installation.  2-3 feet of post in ground can suitably hold any sign 5-6 feet above ground level.  All the signs that we sell can easily be supported by the 2lb. per foot post.

Q:  Will the holes on the U-channel sign post align to the signs I just purchased?

A:  Yes.  The holes on the post are 3/8" in diameter to the match the signs.  The holes on the post are placed 1" on center to accept all size signs that we sell.

 Q:  How do I install the U-channel posts into the ground?

A:  Depending on the size of the post and soil conditions, a well weighted sledge hammer will do the trick.  If you are concerned about the finished appearance of your sign project, you may want to consider purchasing our U-Channel Post Drive Cap.  It not only speeds installation time but protects the top of the post from being smashed up.  Visit our sign tools section under our hardware category to purchase the drive cap.

Q:  Can't I just buy U-channel posts at a local hardware store?

A:  Most likely not.  These are specialized posts designed for the street, traffic, & highway products industry.  What you may find are fence posts, such as the t-post.  These posts are primarily designed for hanging fencing, are typically too small to support any real weight and do not have the ability to mount signage.

This Street Sign USA page describes frequently asked questions about the products and services of Street Sign USA


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